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Pocket-Warmer with LED-Lamp and Charge-Function (“powerbank”) for mobile devices via USB. With Strawberry Tour logo.

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Pocket-Warmer, LED-Flashlight and Powerbank (charge your smartphones, tablets etc. via USB).

Product specifications:

• Color: Black
• 72 g weight
• Heating temperature about 40 °C
• Lasts 4 hours as as heat reservoir
• Illumination with LED
• Charging function for common smartphones and mobile devices
• USB Type-A female connector (power-out)
• Micro-USB Type-B female connector (power-in)
• Lithium-Ion-Battery with 2200 mAh capacity
• Diameter about 22,2 mm; Length about 118 mm

Including USB-Cable and Wrapper made of wool/cloth.