Pitchfork “Pitchfix HYBRID” Strawberry Tour


Pitchfork “Pitchfix Hybrid” with ballmarker dome with Strawberry Tour logo. Various packaging options available.

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“Pitchfix Hyprid” – it is the mix of materials of rubber and metal what makes this pitchfork stand out. Fold-out pitchfork with magnetically mounted, removable, resin dome with Strawberry Tour logo.

• Length folded-in: about 6,5 cm
• Length folded-out: about 11,5 cm
• Available in the colors Black or Silver
• Diameter of the removable ballmarker dome: 25 mm

Packaging options:

• Pitchfork in round, black Box made of aluminium, Diameter about 10 cm, height about 4,5 cm. Removeable lid with Strawberry Tour logo. Includes 2 extra ballmarker domes with logo.

• Pitchfork in square, black Box made of aluminium, with removeable lid with viewing window, measurements about 10 x 7 x 2,5 cm

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